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Advanced Practical Course - Enterprise Software Engineering at the Example of SAP (IN2128, IN2106, IN212801) 
practical training
Summer semester 2021
Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)
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Building modern-day enterprise services presents new challenges for software engineers. Newly developed applications need to be "mobile", so they can run on any device and dynamically adapt to different screen sizes. Furthermore, more and more real-time analytical applications are required, that capable of providing managers with business insights within few seconds can give them an edge towards their competitors. Also, enterprise applications are usually not implemented from scratch but rather require and Integration with an existing core system extends its business services and tailors it to the business needs to ensure a single source of truth for the whole enterprise data.
As a leading enterprise software developer in Germany, SAP addresses the new challenges by bringing new technologies to the market. With SAP UI5, the latest SAP web framework, based on HTML5 and jQuery, software developers can build mobile and scalable web applications. SAP S/4 HANA is the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that utilizes the capabilities of the in-memory database SAP HANA to ensure real-time analytics. SAP Gateway is used to build RESTful webservices and to deploy them on S/4 HANA to be consumed by an UI5 application. This allows full integration between the frontend and the backend.
In this course starts with a two-week introduction (2+3 days) into SAP development.
In the first week we cover the basics of ABAP / ABAP Objects - a proprietary language of SAP, used for building reliable business applications and backend services. We start with a recap of common programming concepts like object orientation and exception handling. Based on these fundamentals we continue with the development of transactional business applications which includes the creation of database schemas, the implementation of UI screens and table locking concepts to allow multi-user support.
In the second week we continue with an introduction into the SAP web application stack. As frontend technology we will use SAP UI5, a JavaScript-based framework based on HTML5 that support a wide range of features such as responsive mobile applications as well as analytical BI-dashboards. Since business application usually operate on existing ERP data, we will utilize the SAP Gateway System to deploy scalable REST webservices that provide access to the backend information.
After completing the introductory week and submitting a graded homework assignment, you will work on a real-world challenge with one of many business partners. In this group project you will experience the full software engineering lifecycle, beginning with the gathering of the requirements, through the implementation to the final presentation and marketing of the developed prototype.
This course is intended for students that are interested in
• enterprise software engineering
• developing for SAP ERP/S4HANA (which is the world's leading ERP system)
• implementing business applications
• working with industry partners

If you have any questions, please contact us at abaplab.winfo@tum.de
Module IN0001; Module IN0002; Module IN0006; Module IN0008; Module IN2085; Module IN2088; Module IN9012 (recommended)
See module description IN2128 or IN2106
  • German
  • English

- Individual homework
- Project (team) in cooperation with industry partners
- Presentation and discussion of (preliminar) results in status meetings
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