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Innovative Entrepreneurs 
Summer semester 2021
TUM School of Management
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+++ The lecture will be held online. Please register for this lecture series at https://www.techtalents.io/innovative-entrepreneurs +++

Outstanding founders, managers and investors covering a wide range of industries talk about their individual entrepreneurial career paths. They present the diversity of the entrepreneurial life, entrepreneurial personalities, skills and motivations. They also talk about identifying opportunities, innovation management, growth, leadership and facets of entrepreneurship. After the lecture students can ask guest speakers questions and discuss with them. In the summer semester the focus is on starting a business and in the winter semester on managing and leading large and medium-sized companies.
The lecture addresses students and PhDs from all faculties of the Technische Universität München. No specific management knowledge required.
The goal is to get all participants interested in an entrepreneurial career and give them a basic understanding of starting and leading technology-based and growth-oriented businesses. Additionally the participants should reflect on their own personal quality, leadership ability and their entrepreneurial identity.
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