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Methodology of Industrialization: Innovation Deployment Strategies 
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Building Realization and Robotics (Prof. Bock)
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In this module following contents are taught:
- Basic terms, concepts, methods, tools, and examples of the field of technology and innovation management;
- Technology and System Readiness Levels;
- Technology and product development methodologies;
- Control of the innovation process through modularity and platform strategies;
- Change management, risk management;
- Principles of IP and stakeholder management;
- Research and development funding and business frameworks in the context of innovation generation and deployment.
No specific previous knowledge required.

Interest in the utilisation of strategies from the knowledge fields of technology management, systematic innovation, and entrepreneurship (in the context of advanced construction and building technology, automated/robotic construction, and assistive technology). The module will be entirely carried out in English.
This module will introduce the students to the utilisation of basic terms, methods, and tools used in the development of technological innovations in the construction and constructed living environment. After successful participation in the module the students are able to:
- recall and explain key terms, methods, and tools relevant in the context of innovation deployment;
- understand the facets and processes of systematic innovation generation, and determine the degree of innovation (e.g. by using Technology Readiness Levels) for specific solutions;
- select and apply appropriate innovation generation methods and tools within the context of specific use cases (and thus transfer their knowledge);
- develop original solutions for specific use cases and problems, and effectively present them to an audience.

This module will be carried out in three phases as a seminar.

In the first phase, the students will be provided with use cases for which they will develop an innovative and technology-based solution (supervised group work).

In the second phase, knowledge about the contents of the module is imparted through presentations by the lecturers and interactive discussion sessions. The acquired knowledge will be applied by the students in the context of short exercises and homework tasks for analyzing and improving the solutions they have developed in the first phase (individual work).

In the third phase, the students will update and concretise their solutions with the knowledge and methods gained and structure them for presentation purposes (supervised group work).
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Literature lists and recommendations will be distributed throughout in the context of individual seminar activities.
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