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Spin Electronics 
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Technical Physics (E23) - (Prof. Gross/Prof. Filipp)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Electrical transport in metals:
- Boltzmann-equation, scattering processes
- electrical and magnetic properties of metals
- magnetoresistance and Hall-effect, anomalous Hall-effect
- 2 spin-channel model

-positive magnetoresistance
-negative magnetoresistance
-anisotropic magnetoresistance
-colossal magnetoresistance
-giant magnetoresistance, osciallating exchange interaction, exchange anisotropy, artificial antiferromagnets, intrinsic and extrinsic GMR
-spin valves
-tunnel magnetoresistance
-ferromagnet/insulator/superconductor heterostructures
-extraordinary magnetoresistance

-spininjection into semiconductors
-spin-light emitting diodes and spin-transistors

-magnetoresistive read heads, hard disk drives
-magnetic random access memory
No preconditions in addition to the requirements for the Master’s program in Physics.
After successful participation in this module, the participant should be able to
1) understand, explain and compare magnetoresistive effects
2) describe magnetization and magnetoresistance curves for ferromagnetic films and multilayers
3) name the elemental ferromagnets, some technologically relevant soft and hard magnetic materials and their typical material parameters
4) calculate magnetoresistance effects with Boltzmann transport theory
5) describe ferromagnet/superconductor and ferromagnet/insulator/superconductor contacts
6) name and analyze applications for magnetoresistive effects
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  • German
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