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Practical Course - Designing IT-based Learning (IN0012, IN4138) 
practical training
Summer semester 2021
Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The participants develop by independent teamwork an IT-based learning unit for selected MINT-topics (Mathematics, Information technology, Natural sciences and Technology) out of the curriculum of the senior years of secondary school and conduct this learning unit at a school class.

Doing so, the participants improve their competences in communication and problem-solving. Next, participants could train their skills in project management, agile software development, presenting and discussing of scientific topics, and moderating.

Basis of this course is a cooperation between the Chair of Information Systems and the Bavarian vocational grammar schools, presented by Prof. Dr. Matthias Utesch.

Note: To register for the course please use the matching system. Joining the preliminary virtual meeting (02.02.2021, details below, 1:30pm) is mandatory to be considered in the matching. Furthermore, please send us a motivation letter containing the reasons why you want to join the course. Please send the letter to benedikt.betzwieser@tum.de until the 8th of February 2021.

02.02.2021, 1:30pm

Meeting-ID: 625 6546 3888
PW: itbl2021
After completion of the practical course students are able to know the necessary media, methods, tools and social skills to design sophisticated IT-based learning processes.
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Basic literature concerning the publishing of scientific literature, IT based learning, and serious gaming.
Online information
e-learning course (moodle)
Basically the course is held in German language, but English speaking teams could be formed.