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Control Theory 
lecture with integrated exercises
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Automatic Control Engineering (Prof. Buss)
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Background materials on linear algebra: vector spaces, matrix theory: eigenvalues/vectors, Jordan form, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, singular value decomposition; Mathematical description of systems: existence and uniqueness theorems for ODEs, linear ODEs, matrix exponential, nonhomogeneous linear ODEs, state-space representations; Analysis of linear systems: stability, Lyapunov equations, controllability, observability; Realizations: realization theory, balanced realizations, minimum energy inputs; Design of linear systems: state feedback and state observers;
Basic knowledge of differential equations and linear algebra are necessary.
At the end of this class, students are able to understand modeling of dynamical systems and their representations. They are able to analyse the model, its stability, controllability, and observability. Finally, they are able to design controllers enforcing some performance criterion on the model.

Lecture is designed as an interactive session. The materials are covered step by step from scratch under the participation of the students. Several examples are exercised during each session with hand calculations on the blackboard so that students can deeply understand the covered materials.
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1- C. T. Chen: Linear System Theory and Design, Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2012.
2- P. J. Antsaklis and A. N. Michel: A Linear Systems Primer, Springer, 2007.
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