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Project Laboratory Cognitive Robotics and Control 
research lab training
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Automatic Control Engineering (Prof. Buss)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The project works concern hardware and software topics mainly in the area of autonomous robots. The focus is not only on the classical research topics of robotics but also on perception and information processing within technical systems, especially in the context of human-robot interaction.
Fundamentals of control engineering and robotics
Programming in C/C++ or Java
At the end of the module the students are able to independently solve control-oriented problems in the application domain of autonomous and cognitive technical system. In addition, the students learn competences in efficient and problem-oriented team working.
  • German
  • English

In addition to the individual methods of learning a deeper understanding of the matter will be achieved through practical implementation as well as through critical discussion of the experimental results in a oral presentation. Each team works on an individual problem with an associated adviser. The adviser initially introduces the topic and helps the students through appropriate provision of relevant literature, through explanations and tipps for the experimental testbed and final tipps for the written report and the presentation.

Main goal in this lecture is that students develop a high level of independence while being supervised in small teams of max. 3 students. The team is to work towards a complete project result, presentation, and demonstration in simulation and/or laboratory experiments. As teaching method supervised individual studies are offered.
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