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Masterpraktikum - Development of a service robot in ROS (IN2106, IN4264) 
practical training
Winter semester 2020/21
Informatics 6 - Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems (Prof. Knoll)
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Important: There will be an online kick-off meeting held on July 21st at 2 pm using Big Blue Button. Please attend this meeting if you are interested in this course.
Students may apply regardless of attending the meeting.

Meeting Link: https://bbb.in.tum.de/pet-dy6-gk3
No password required.

Mobile robots play an increasing role in fields as healthcare, search and rescue, logistics. They need to learn about their environment to safely navigate around static and dynamic obstacles.
In this lab course, students learn how to fully operate a mobile robot (Pioneer P3-DX with added visual sensor) in three aspects based on lectures:
- Principles of Computer Vision (IN2133)
- Robotics (IN2067)
- Robot Motion Planning (IN2138)
Each student should have at least taken one of above courses.

Groups of five students will work on one aspect of robot control:
- SLAM from 3D PointClouds
- LowLevel Obstacle Avoidance (Sonar-Kinect Fusion)
- Object recognition: 3D, Appearance Based, April-Tags
- Path Planning

The course will consist of (online) lectures at the start and a practical project for each group afterwards. Groups may pick and change their tasks in terms of used algorithms, improvements and fine tuning of the robot.

The practical part is planned to be on-site in the Hochbrück lab with the room reserved for one group at a time (due to current restrictions) - there will be updates on this status depending on new state and university guidelines.
Knowledge in one of the three fields mentioned above.
Programming skills in C/C++ or Python. Beneficial in knowledge in Linux and ROS, but not mandatory prior knowledge - you will need to learn it during/for the course.
After successful participation in this course, students will be able to

work with a mobile robot in the real-world

solve a larger programming problem set in a group for different parts of an autonomous robot

interchange with other workgroups to combine solutions into a working robot

The course woll also deepen the competences aquired in previous lectures:

Real-world usage of ROS and robot manipulation

Different approaches to Robot Vision for dynamic environments

SLAM and path planning
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