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Physics and Chemistry of Functional Interfaces 
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Experimental Semiconductor Physics II (E25) - (Prof. Stutzmann)
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The newest developments in microelectronics, energy conversion, and sensing device design are tied very closely to our ability to develop new hybrid systems where molecular and electronic control of the structure is key. The optimization of interfaces in different inorganic-organic device systems depends strongly on our level of control and understanding of both the molecular chemical processes involved on surfaces and the effects on the electronic states. The module is devoted to achieve a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, structural, and electrical properties of these complex heterostructures. In particular the module will focus on the structure of crystalline solids and surface lattices, origins of surface reactivity and growth processes, interfacial phenomena and change of energy levels in heterostructure optimization, and on the formation of organic nanostructures and bioorganic films. Moreover current highlights in the literature on the application of functional interface on semiconductor devices will be discussed. In addition a short overview of the mostly applied characterization tools and novel surface imaging and spectroscopy techniques applied in the field will be given.

Curiosity and openness for interdisciplinary fields.
After participation in the module the students are able to
- understand how electrical and chemical properties can be modulated in functional interfaces.
- understand different areas of application of surface functionalization.
- evaluate the importance of heterostructure formation in device optimization.
- understand the basics of the most commonly used characterization techniques in the field.
class lecture
Lecture: In a scientific discussion the students are involved to stimulate their analytic skills. Case studies from the literature will be presented to understand recent technological breakthroughs in the field. As part of the lecture short interactive exercise classes in chemistry and semiconductor physics will be given to support the students in following some basic interdisciplinary concepts.
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- F. Tao & S. L. Bernasek: Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces, Wiley, (2012)
- A. W. Adamson & A.P. Gast: Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, Wiley, (1997)
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