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eLearning: Effectful Presentations (MEK-PRESENT) 
Summer semester 2020
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You can start working on this eLearning course from the 15 june 2020 on moodle.

Standing in front of a group confidently and delivering a captivating and informative presentation is a crucial skill for your studies and future job. This course is designed to help you develop your own presentation style.

In the first phase, you will complete different tasks in Moodle about presentations ranging from the preparation of a presentation to ways to deal with stage fright.

In the second phase, you will prepare a presentation for an online coaching session via Zoom. In this session you will receive feedback from other participants and a ZSK trainer, watch other presentations and give feedback. Please assign yourself to a group in TUMonline. Please be aware that the group name is the appointment for the Zoom Coaching. You will find the invitation for the Zoom Coaching in the Moodle course.

Areas we will focus on in the virtual presentation coaching are: Voice, body language, structure, visualization, and interaction with the audience.
You should have interest in the offered soft skills topic and in analyzing the subject matter of the workshop.
After attending the workshop "Effectful Presentations", students can identify and implement all steps required to effectively prepare a presentation. They can use communication techniques and recognize special challenges such as stage fright.
By completing the course, students can analyze, discuss and develop their own presentation style.

Individual and group exercises, lecture, role play and peer consultation.
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende/r identifizieren.
Note: The target group are master students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, start of studies from WS 2013/2014. Registration for the workshop is exclusively via TUMonline. The workshop takes place starting a minimum of 8 participants, otherwise it has to be canceled 1 week before the start. The participants have the opportunity to attend another appointment. Please come on time for the workshop, otherwise you lose your right for a fixed spot.
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