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Allgemeine Angaben
M.Sc. Seminar Partitioned FSI Fluid-Structure Interaction (IN218304, IN2107) 
Winter semester 2020/21
Informatics 5 - Chair of Scientific Computing (Prof. Bungartz)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this seminar, we address theory, algorithms, and software for partitioned fluid-structure interaction (either mechanical FSI, or conjugate heat transfer). Partitioned means that we try to solve the problem reusing existing solvers, which we treat in a black-box fashion. Topics range from theoretical considerations of this splitting-error to practical realizations in software packages to actual simulations.

For this seminar, students need to write a short paper, give a presentation, and optionally review papers of other students, preparing them for similar situations.

Possible topics include:
- Partitioned vs Monolithic FSI
- preCICE from a user's perspective
- Conjugate Heat Transfer
- Data mapping
- Explicit and implicit coupling
- Inter-solver communication
- Moving geometries / mechanical FSI
- Added mass effect
- Interface Quasi-Newton
- Turek&Hron FSI benchmarks
- Time interpolation
- Testing of partitioned simulations

A list of more topics with details is available on Moodle. Additional topics about partitioned multi-physics/multi-model simulations are also welcome, as long as they fit the goals of the seminar.
Good knowledge in numerical programming (e.g. from courses such as Scientific Computing Lab) is mandatory.
Basic knowledge in CFD and/or CSM is recommended.
see Module description IN2183
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende*r identifizieren.
Note: Please come to the pre-course meeting on Thursday July 9th at 12:00. We use Zoom for conducting the meeting. Please use the following link for accessing the room: https://tum-conf.zoom.us/j/92448748319?pwd=eGFQRHZqVkUvOXlSQU9LZDdTZVZ0dz09

Registration for this course is organized via the matching tool (see http://docmatching.in.tum.de/). Additionally, please send a list of three topics that you would like to work on, with a short motivation for the first one, to chourdak@in.tum.de.

It is mandatory that you attend the kick-off meeting (Thursday, November 5, 12:00) and all the talks (see Moodle). We will have the rest of the sessions on BigBlueButton: https://bbb.in.tum.de/ger-7wc-6cr
Online information
e-learning course (moodle)
The whole course will be held in a remote fashion. No physical presence is required.