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Design of Electric Vehicles 
Winter semester 2020/21
Chair of Automotive Technology (Prof. Lienkamp)
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In the course of this lecture all relevant aspects of electromobility as well as concepts, components and issues concerning elecric driven vehicles are discussed successively:

* Introduction: Status of Electromobility regarding total mobility
* Field test/data: fleet test, acquisition and processing measurement data
* Vehicle concept: Deriving requirements from measurement data for suitable concepts
* drivetrain concepts: Components of the drivetrain, electrified drivetrain concepts, concepts of hybrid vehicles
*Impact of Electromobility on vehicle components
* Conditioning/ Air-Conditioning for EV
* electric engine: principle, overview, range of usage, power electronics, efficiency
*Battery system: Types of batteries, aging, battery models, SOC, SOH, design, safety, cooling
*BMS / Power electronics
* Range Extender concepts: types of RE, Range of usage
* Operation strategy: differences of applied strategies, hybrid-strategy
* HV-Safety: HV-components, standards, Highvoltage on-board system, EMC
* Topology of EV / Hybrids: Packaging, physics
* Weight: Management, optimization, impact of materials
* Impact on power grid, charging: Types of charging, battery exchange systems, functional safety, Well to Wheel, Vehicle to grid, Vehicle to building
Having participated in this course the students have gained an overall overview of the boundaries and differences of electromobility compared to conventional solutions as well as of relevant components in electric automobiles.
Further more they have aquired certain knowledge about the develompment, packaging and topology of electric vehicles.
They are able to characterize certain components such as the eletrified drive chain or energy-storage systems and to describe their functioning. Moreover, they are in a position to assess the construction/dimensioning of, for instance, drive and battery.
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