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Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation & Sustainability (IN2107, IN4426) 
Summer semester 2021
Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)
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In 1898, Swedish scientist Svante Arrherius advanced his theory that fossil fuels would warm the Earth’s atmosphere. Now, nearly 120 years later, there is near-universal agreement in the scientific community that increased CO2 levels caused by humans are heating up the planet.

The question is no longer if but how fast and how large the consequences for people and the environment will be. While experts, activists, and politicians debate the correct response, it is clear that CO2 reporting, carbon taxes, and voluntary offset schemes will not be nearly enough to bend the global warming curve.

The current COVID-19 pandemic could mark a turning point in progress on climate change; the estimated 8 percent decline in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 has been advanced as a silver lining of the crisis. Estimates by the United Nations (UN) show that emissions must fall by 7.6 percent every year until 2030 and achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050 to keep temperature increases to less than 2°C by the end of the century

As companies emerge from the crisis, they have to expect that they will be faced with legislation that stipulates a sustainable recovery through tighter CO2 regulation. This would significantly impact operating costs. The largest carbon producers will feel the push for climate action beginning in highly developed markets, followed successively by others.

A challenge to corporate reputation is another risk not to be underestimated, as companies are increasingly being asked by investors and the public whether their businesses and products are contributing to the solution or to the problem. More and more investors are questioning the long-term success of companies that have not factored in the transformation to carbon neutrality into their business strategy. Such as BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, who announced in 2020 it will put sustainability at the heart of its investment decisions,
The goal of this seminar is to bring together the knowledge from sector-leading companies that engage in promoting and achieving sustainability through the use of digital technology. These companies have the interest and capacity to share insights into their strategies with teams of 4 motivated students. Over five months you and your team will undertake a comprehensive case study on a specific sustainability project your case study partner has launched. You will gain in-depth insights into the company’s journey and derive industry specific managerial advice for sustainability in the context of digital transformation. This will enable the participating companies to reflect on their strategy.

This seminar will be held in close cooperation with our practice partners Klimastiftung für Bürger and SAP SE. Case studies will likely center on companies located in the Heilbronn-Franken region. In addition, the seminar comprises a visit of the Klima Arena in Sinsheim (individual travel arrangements).

To find out more about this seminar, join the pre-course meeting with Dr. Bernd Welz, Klimastiftung für Bürger, February 5th, 11 am.

To apply please send the following documents to leonard.przybilla@tum.de by February 15th, 2021:
- CV
- Transcript of Records
- Short Letter of Motivation
In this seminar you will:

• develop an understanding of the drivers and inhibitors of sustainability
• get practical insights into sustainability strategy making and planning
• get hands-on experience in conducting a major case study with a real organization
• work in a team
• get real-life experience in writing and presenting a case study report
  • English
  • German
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Will be announced during the seminar.
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To find out more about this seminar, join the pre-course meeting with Dr. Bernd Welz, Klimastiftung für Bürger, February 5th, 11 am.