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Seminar - Sensor Systems in Robotics (IN2107, IN4401) 
Summer semester 2021
Informatics 6 - Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems (Prof. Knoll)
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Sensors in Robotic Systems

Robotic sensing is the sub-area of robotics science intended to give the
robots sensing capabilities so that the robots are more human-like,
Robotic sensing mainly gives the robots the ability to see, touch, hear
and move and it uses algorithms that require the environmental

The internal sensors measure the robot’s internal state and they are
used to measure its position, velocity and acceleration, The position
sensors measure the position of the joint (the degree to which the
joint is extended), The velocity or speed sensor measures the
consecutive position measurements at known intervals and it computes
the time rate of change in the position values.

- Data acquisition/filtering
- Visual SLAM algorithms
- Visual servo control
- Visual map usage
- Tactile exploration and material classification
- Event cameras in robotics
- Localization in data from other sensors
- Sensor-data fusion: proprio-&exterioceptive, handling of time delay
- Object recognition 3D and appearance-based

Slots in the seminar are assigned via the matching platform.
Students can sign up for a fixed/priority slot in matching at the initial meeting.

For registration you have to be identified in TUMonline as a student.
Oral presentation (~22min), 40%
Written seminar paper (6-8pages IEEE-two-column format), 60%

12.05-09.06 weekly presentations

28.06.21 deadline written part
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