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Advanced nonlinear control 
Summer semester 2021
Chair of Automatic Control Engineering (Prof. Buss)
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Selected research topics of nonlinear control:
System Analysis and Identification: Nonlinear System Identification, Stability Concepts, Nonlinear Model Order Reduction;
Controller Design: Lyapunov Methods, Robust Control and Perturbed Systems, Higher-order Sliding Mode Control, Nonlinear Observers, Geometric Control, Constrained Control;
Demanding System Classes: Control of Switched and Hybrid Systems, Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, Control of Nonholonomic Systems, Control of Port-Hamiltonian Systems
Optimization and Leaning in Control: Game Theory in Control, Robust and Stochastic Optimal Control, Data-Driven Nonlinear Control;
Dynamical Systems
Students will consolidate in the research area of nonlinear control and to approach the current state of the art in that field. After completing the module, students will be able to analyse current scientific publications on their classification within the current state of the art and to evaluate their contribution. While doing that, students prepare methodically on scientific working and after completing the module they have learned how to create their own scientific publication and presentation. A flipped classroom approach is used.
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