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Introduction to Surgical Robotics (IN2292) 
2 Vorlesung/2 Übung
Wintersemester 2015/16
Informatik 16 - Lehrstuhl für Anwendungen in der Medizin (Prof. Navab)
Angaben zur Abhaltung
After attending this lecture, you'll know about:
◦ Analyzing the pros and cons of the use of robots in existing surgical workflows
◦ Fundamentals of modes of operation, compiling requirements, specifying components and integration aspects of systems
◦ Conception and modeling of solutions for problems based on technical and algorithmic approaches
◦ Definition of a clinical project for enhancing surgical applications by the use of robotics

You will have the opportunity to:
◦ Learn about the cutting edge research in surgical robotics
◦ Talk to specialists from technology development and physicians in the field
◦ Attend a surgery (in teams of 3-4)
◦ Develop and present your own approach of robotics assistance in the operating room
◦ Do practical work and pass a final test

The application-oriented course begins with a presentation of current surgical interventions with robotics assistance and correspondent research projects, analysing benefits and drawbacks. Then, basic knowledge about surgical techniques is presented. Several lectures put the focus on background knowledge that is required for computer scientists to include robotics in their research projects. The acquired knowledge is applied by the students to develop a solution to an existing clinical problem using robotics assistance.

Further information:
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