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Introduction to Zero-Error Information Theory 
Summer semester 2019
Chair of Theoretical Information Technology (Prof. Boche)
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This module gives an introduction to various problems in zero-error information theory, which is at the intersection between information theory and combinatorics/graph theory. In zero-error information theory, it is required that messages are transmitted over a noisy channel with error probability 0, where the channel is discrete and memoryless. Zero-error capacity both with and without feedback is studied. Since no closed formula for zero-error capacity without feedback is known, upper bound are studied extensively. It can be calculated for some special cases, and properties like additivity are studied for the general case. Zero-error capacity with feedback is characterized completely. The necessary methods from graph theory are introduced in the course as well.
Mathematics 1-4, Information theory, Interest for mathematics
After passing the course, the student is familiar with the basic problems and methods of zero-error information theory. This allows him/her an in-depth study of the presented areas. Further, he/she can successfully apply combinatorial methods in information theory and information theoretic methods in combinatorics, respectively.
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