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Laboratory Course on System and Circuit Design 
practical training
Winter semester 2019/20
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Chair of Human-Machine Communication (Prof. Rigoll)
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Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
Experiment 1) Logic simulation of digital circuits demonstrated by design of an adder (EDA Room 3908a).
Experiment 2) Signal analysis and synthesis (sampling, processing and reconstructionof a voice signal) (MMK Room N 0501).
Experiment 3) Non-linear dynamic circuits (stability of non-linear
circuits, van der Pol oscillator) (MSV Room N 1110B).
Experiment 4) Filter implementation based on state space model (analog and digital Implementation of a second order transfer function)(MSV Room N 1110B).
Experiment 5) Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Devices (CPH Room N 2103).
Experiment 6) Simulation of analog circuits considering an amplifier stage as an example (EDA Room 3908a).
Experiment 7) Basic circuits of VLSI (LIS Room N 2135).
Experiment 8) integrated circuits (LIS Room N 2135).
Experiment 9) Analysis and modelling of systems (implementation, simulation and measuring of several low, high and band passes) (MMK Room N 0501).
Experiment 10) Simulation of Nanomagnetic Devices (CPH Room N 2103).
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