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Literature Seminar 2, Scientific Debating, Colloquium 
Winter semester 2019/20
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Chair of Cognitive Systems (Prof. Cheng)
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This course provides knowledge about state-of-the-art research in neuroengineering, starting with the “literature seminar” part, in which students read most recent research papers in the field, and will give presentations, in which they will discuss key findings reported in the papers. In sub sequential "scientific debating" students controversially discuss scientific papers under close faculty guidance. Every student takes on a different (preferably controversial) journal paper that he presents to the group. The student will have to defend this paper against the group, as the other students try to actively uncover the paper's weak points and question the paper's validity in terms of conception, methodology, analysis or logic argumentation.
Literature Seminar, Scientific Debating, Colloquium 1
After successful completion of this module students are (A) able to read and to understand state-of-the-art literature from Neuroengineering related topics and to summarize main concepts in presentations and written essays for their peers and their supervisors. Students are (B) further able to understand controversial aspects, reproduce different opinions and outline arguments for related publications in scientific debates with their fellow students and supervisors.

Individual work to study literature under guidance of a supervisor, identify key aspects and prepare presentations; presentation in front of fellow students and discussion among the complete peer group. Preparation of written essays summarizing and discussing scientific content. In the “colloquium” part of the course, students will attend regular talks given by researchers working in Neuroengineering related fields.
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Note: Literature Seminar, Scientific Debating, Colloquium I
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