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Advanced Seminar High-Frequency Engineering 
advanced seminar
Summer semester 2021
Chair of High-Frequency Engineering (Prof. Eibert)
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Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
Presentations about varying topics in high-frequency engineering in the areas of simulation and visualization of electromagnetic fields, planar circuits, integrated microwave circuits, or antennas.
Preparation of scientific publications on current developments, graded paper and final presentation of each participant will be required.
Presentation skills and scientific writing will be taught in an interactive seminar.
Students will be able to prepare and write self-responsible a scientific paper about a subject in high frequency engineering and (numeric) field theorie, and present their research results to an expert audience.

Each participant works self-responsibly on an individual task and will be supported by a tutor, especially during the initial phase. The tutor will introduce and explain the task and requirements to the student, provide useful literature, as well as support in research and preparation of presentation and paper.

In addition, presentation skills and scientific writing will be taught in an interactive seminar (6 lessons à 4 hours), where a lecture has to be held by each participant.
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Note: Registration: Please send an e-mail to seminar@hft.ei.tum.de - according to prior agreement with the tutor only - and mention the chosen subject in your registration mail.
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